Welcome to The American Academy of Math and Sciences

The American Academy brings the very best US educational programs to partner schools in China.

Our programs for Middle School and High School are some of the best options available for students, parents, and for schools in China who wish to offer an American school alternative.

The classes at the American Academy are hosted by our local school partners in China.  Our classes are small, and our student/teacher ratio of 5:1 is among the lowest in the world.

Our students learn in the American style of education.   Every class features a lot of discussion, debate, and creative thinking.  Many students who struggle in the traditional Chinese system of large classes and teacher lecture will thrive and succeed in our program.

Every class is conducted in the English language, by native English speakers.  Every teacher at the American Academy has at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and is a subject matter expert in the class being taught.

In addition, each class has a full-time teacher who is fluent in Chinese as well as in English, to help ensure that each student in our China program receives the help needed.

The American Academy is best suited for children who will be attending a foreign university following graduation from our high school.  Graduates of our programs have a nearly 100% acceptance rate into US university programs.


New partner school to open in Shanghai!

In November 2017, the American Academy will open its first branch in Shanghai, China.  We will be opening classes for 42 Middle School students and 50 first-year high school students.  We are excited to form a partnership with Yohi Education Group.  Yohi has five years of experience in childhood education.  Our school is very conveniently located a short two-minute walk from Minsheng Lu metro station, Line 6.

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